To be normal is a term that many parents play to their children when they start to act up. Whether a child is throwing a tantrum or wearing cloths that are not associated to his or her biological gender to what happens when your child starts to self harm or to assault others. The parent may feel overwhelmed and the child resentful towards the parent. What can one do when the family structure starts to break down because of the “odd behavior”.

With my time working in direct care many of the questions and the desire for some normality for families come up. However, how can a family become normal if there is a long history of drug usage, physical abuse, and psychological abuse, psychiatric illness, poverty, and poor family structure? This is where Social Services do come into play in the form of therapy for the child, family, milieu therapy (psychiatric group home/inpatient services).

My experiences will lay the foundation for the content to this blog and branch out into other areas that leave many questions for the public and myself when it comes to psychiatric illness. I will say that my perspective is one of many and I am not a licensed professional (will be in time). So you are welcomed to read and share.



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